“Showing you you how to BREAK FREE from the societal norm grip on men and taking back control of your own life! One step at a time!”



HI, I’m Mat!

I’m a sarcastic, fun, driven father of 2 who started his first business at an age of 15. Over the last 20 years, Mat has built from nothing multiple businesses for 7 figure exits across numerous industries including retail, manufacturing, advertising, digital media, real estate and more.

Mat encouragers his followers and clients to make success their duty, responsibility and obligation and rise above the outdated and unworkable middle class myths and limitations in order to achieve true freedom for themselves and their families. Mat encourages men to shake the bond of societal norms and break out of that TOXIC mold that’s thrust upon us.

Most men are ashamed or think it shows weakness to be vulnerable and open to the issues they are dealing with! In fact it’s quite the opposite!

Are you finally SICK OF IT?

  • Sick of the LYING?
  • Sick of the SHAME?
  • Sick of the ANXIETY?
  • Sick of the DEPRESSION?
  • Sick of the FIGHTING?


I know the feeling all too well! I too was a victim of societal norms when it came to men. The preconceived notions, the “suck it up” attitude projected. Men are made to feel like they cannot be vulnerable. Made to feel like the can’t express emotion without being judged… the fact is, that’s just not true. A real man can show his emotion, can break down and has to in order to rebuild. My story will SHOCK you and also at the same time RELATE to you as well.


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– Are you interested in re-building your life in a way where YOU have full control of everything that happens in it? –


Focusing on Men in Today’s World

Everywhere we look, men are shit on in today’s world. Women flock to social media to gossip and throw their husband, boyfriend, ex under the bus and so easily labeling them as “TOXIC”. One of the most overused words in society today. Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of toxic people out there, men included, hell I used to be one of them. But we are constantly put down on a daily basis. The difference between us and women? We don’t have people to turn to or at least that’s how we men feel… until NOW!

You see program after program, mentor after mentor selling women the course to rebuild their life after a so called toxic breakup, divorce etc. Where’s the help for men? Where’s the help for the man who was constantly told to;

  • ETC, ETC, ETC,

The answer? THERE IS NONE! We have nowhere to turn when we need to talk with someone, we have nowhere to turn when we feel the burden to be too much. It’s constantly ingrained in us to be quiet, suck it up, deal with it. That DOESN’T Work!

Ever heard the term “22 A DAY”? That comes from the military and that means 22 vets a day take their own lives because this is EXACTLY how they feel and no one is there to help them!

I am changing that! I am here for you because I have been there, I have beat that mentality and I have come back to be a “COMEBACK KING”.

Are you ready? Let’s get going! Next program starts on March 1, 2022 and spots are limited! Sign up today and let’s take back your life!