Rookie RE Coaching Program


Real Estate Investor – Rookie Coaching Program

Develop Your Path to Greatness

Phase 1 is to learn the fundamentals of real estate investing:

✅ Deals
✅ Money
✅ Contractors

You’ll learn how to properly find, evaluate, and fund deals. This includes buying for yourself or wholesaling to investors. Lastly you will learn how to manage contractors for your flips and rentals!

Phase 2 is to start taking action:

✅ Paralysis by Analysis
✅ Fear
✅ Doubt

Almost all new real estate investors have trouble taking action. Some because of fear or doubt. Others because they feel that they need to learn more before they can take action. We are going to help push you to take action!

Phase 3 is to start making money:

✅ Solving Problems
✅ Exit Strategy
✅ Closing a Deal

As you take action there will be many problems along the way. How well you solve those will dictate how much you get paid! You will also need to learn the best exit strategy for each deal. Should you flip, wholesale, or keep it as a rental? And lastly you will learn how to finally close a deal and get paid.


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